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Calagator is an open source community calendaring platform:


By releasing this code under a liberal MIT open source license, we hope to empower other people so they can better organize and participate in more events that support free sharing of information, open society, and involved citizenry.


The stable releases of this software are tagged with version numbers, such as v0.20090416, that represent the date they were made. There is also a stable branch that points to the current stable release. The CHANGES.md file describes significant changes made between stable releases.


Read the INSTALL.md file for details on installing the software.


Bug fixes and features are welcomed. Please fork the source code and submit a pull request: http://github.com/calagator/calagator/tree/master


This free, open source software was made possible by a group of volunteers that put many hours of hard work into it. See the CONTRIBUTORS.md file for details.


This program is provided under an MIT open source license, read the LICENSE.txt file for details.


Copyright (c) 2007-2012 Calagator